Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mom's Top 5 News Articles

Here are my top 5 favorite news articles right this minute -

5. New York Magazine - Two Million Americans Could Lose Their Uenmployment Benefits by Christmas
This article made me giggle. It's a quick read, but it's also informative about what's happening that will cause 2 million Americans to potentially lose their unemployment benefits by Christmas. It also has some interesting stats about how long people have been unemployed. I was previously unemployed for 13 months, and it is a very trying process. Good luck to those losing benefits. :-/

4. The New York Times - Jeter Resumes Talks with Yanks
It makes me sad that they can't reach a deal. I can see Jeter's side - he is an iconic player for the Yankees. He's probably not going to play more than 4 or 5 years, so he needs to get his income in NOW. But the Yankees aren't looking at iconic value - they are looking at the business prospect, which is smart because they are, after all, a business. Before I finished my comments, I found another post about a possible increase to $51 million and the addition of a 4th year option. I think they'll reach an agreement, at least I hope so.

3. CNN International - After HIV pill news, now comes the tricky part
Did you hear that there is a pill that is showing some promise of preventing people who are exposed to HIV from contracting it? As a former morgue assistant, this would be of interest to me - and I can imagine a wide number of hospital employees, who may be exposed to HIV. It is a daily pill, but it's important to note that it is neither a vaccine nor a cure. At least there's hope, though.

2. US News & World Report - New Food Safety Regulations? It's About Time
Wow - so the new food safety bill passed in the Senate and is now moving on the House. I was amazed to learn from this article that this is the first time the food safety regulations would be (assuming it passes) updated since 1938 - that's crazy! Now I don't know all the details about what the bill contains, but I am glad that they are working on updating the regulations. Yes, I'm sure that for some people it will be more of a hassle and a rough time, but if it helps keep poison out of our baby formula, I'm all for it! I also really like the links in this article too. :-)

1. Washington Post - Thieves steal puppy from D.C. shelter
This story makes me sad, because people stole a dog that was waiting to be adopted. I know there's a huge controversy because it was a pitt bull, and some shelters euthanize pitt bulls instead of placing them in adoptive homes, but this shelter does a very thorough check of the potential adopter's background to make sure they have no history of animal cruelty or abuse. To know that someone stole a dog - you know they aren't doing it for any good reasons. It's just sad. It costs $185 for DC residents to adopt a dog from this shelter - and that includes the $15 DC dog license, but it's a lot less than you are going to pay for the upkeep of the pet.

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