Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mom's Top 5 Tuesday Giveaways

Today is Tuesday, which means a whole new passel of giveaways! Join in the fun, won't you? And please - if you have a favorite giveaway of your own today, drop the URL in the linky - you never know, I just might feature your favoritey giveaway tomorrow! :-)

5. Being Alison: Dinosaur Train - Dinosaurs in the Snow DVD Giveaway
4. Custom Blog Designs: $65 Gift Certificate to Custom Blog Designs - last day to enter, so hurry!
3. The Mommy-Files: BSW Toy Review and Giveaway
2. SITS - The Secret to Success is Sauce: Hand-Stamped Jewelry Giveaway
1. Jolly Mom: The Youngs Scientist Club Giveaway

There are some awesome giveaways out there today! What are your favorite giveaways today?

Revisit - Mom's Top 5 Disadvantages of Cosleeping

I wrote this post last August for my blog Just Joanna. I think the same information still applies :-)

My son is 2 now, and we are still cosleeping. He has his own bed in our room, but he rarely uses it. With this experience, I'm confident that I can bring you an accurate look at the disadvantages of cosleeping. Please note - we practice safe cosleeping.

5. Being woken up with a heel to the gut. Children are small, but their limbs can be quite mobile.

4. Bed time habits can be a little difficult, especially if the parents are not 100% aligned in their own bedtime habits.

3. Weaning is harder when cosleeping. It's one of those things you learn to do without really waking up... and the problem is you have to wake up to NOT do it.

2. Your spouse is either a million miles away, or you are all squished together like a weird uncomfortable sandwich.

1. Were you aiming to give this child a sibling? You know how babies are made, right? Yeah, that's not happening when you're cosleeping...

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Mom's Top 5 At Home Money Makers

These are my top 5 picks for at-home money makers:

5. InboxDollars
4. SendEarnings
3. Swagbucks
2. Mechanical Turk
1. TextBroker 

I love them so much that none of the above links are affiliate links - I really like them, and am not just showing them to you to make money off your clicks. :-)

Mom's Top 5 Blogging Sites

These are my top 5 sites to work with as I blog:

5. Google Analytics
4. Google Feedburner
3. Statcounter
2. Wordpress
1. Blogger

What are your favorites?

Mom's Top 5 Giveaway Linkies

Here are my top 5 favorite places to find giveaways:

5. Moms By Heart
4. 2 Wired 2 Tired
3. Contest Corner
2. Online Sweepstakes
1. MomDot

Make sure you list your giveaways on these sites so they can be seen by the coolest of moms. :-)

Mom's Top 5 Monday Giveaways

Check out the current Mom's Top 5 Giveaways that are LIVE right now on my reader -

5. Mom vs the Boys: Everyday Bicycle, Ladies Bike Review and Giveaway
4. Everyday Baby Steps: Perricone MD Best Wrinkle Cream Review and $150 Giveaway
3. 3 Princes and a Princess: Santa's Hot List - Wilton X-Mas Review and Giveaway
2. Just Joanna: LeadCheck Instant Lead Testing Swabs
1. MomVantage: EcuUsable Review and Giveaway

Whether you win a bike, baking supplies, lead testing swabs, ecofriendly products or cold hard cash, I'd love to hear about it!