Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mom's Top 5 Wednesday Giveaways

Here are my top 5 giveaways today:

5. Shawn's Sharings - $10 Amazon Giveaway
4. Parent Reviewers - Nancy Drew - Shadow at the Water's Edge
3. The Mommy-Files - Craftsman & Sears Teflon Workwear Giveaway
2. A Review and Giveaway - Chunky Bling
1. Go Graham Go - The Search for Santa Paws on Blue-Ray & DVD

I hope you enjoy these giveaways - I follow each and every one of these blogs. :-) I'd like to follow yours too, that way I can include your giveaways in my top 5 daily faves too! Just leave me a comment with your blog link. :-)

Oh and - what are your favorite giveaways today? Add them to the linky!

Mom's Top 5 News Articles

Here are my top 5 favorite news articles right this minute -

5. New York Magazine - Two Million Americans Could Lose Their Uenmployment Benefits by Christmas
This article made me giggle. It's a quick read, but it's also informative about what's happening that will cause 2 million Americans to potentially lose their unemployment benefits by Christmas. It also has some interesting stats about how long people have been unemployed. I was previously unemployed for 13 months, and it is a very trying process. Good luck to those losing benefits. :-/

4. The New York Times - Jeter Resumes Talks with Yanks
It makes me sad that they can't reach a deal. I can see Jeter's side - he is an iconic player for the Yankees. He's probably not going to play more than 4 or 5 years, so he needs to get his income in NOW. But the Yankees aren't looking at iconic value - they are looking at the business prospect, which is smart because they are, after all, a business. Before I finished my comments, I found another post about a possible increase to $51 million and the addition of a 4th year option. I think they'll reach an agreement, at least I hope so.

3. CNN International - After HIV pill news, now comes the tricky part
Did you hear that there is a pill that is showing some promise of preventing people who are exposed to HIV from contracting it? As a former morgue assistant, this would be of interest to me - and I can imagine a wide number of hospital employees, who may be exposed to HIV. It is a daily pill, but it's important to note that it is neither a vaccine nor a cure. At least there's hope, though.

2. US News & World Report - New Food Safety Regulations? It's About Time
Wow - so the new food safety bill passed in the Senate and is now moving on the House. I was amazed to learn from this article that this is the first time the food safety regulations would be (assuming it passes) updated since 1938 - that's crazy! Now I don't know all the details about what the bill contains, but I am glad that they are working on updating the regulations. Yes, I'm sure that for some people it will be more of a hassle and a rough time, but if it helps keep poison out of our baby formula, I'm all for it! I also really like the links in this article too. :-)

1. Washington Post - Thieves steal puppy from D.C. shelter
This story makes me sad, because people stole a dog that was waiting to be adopted. I know there's a huge controversy because it was a pitt bull, and some shelters euthanize pitt bulls instead of placing them in adoptive homes, but this shelter does a very thorough check of the potential adopter's background to make sure they have no history of animal cruelty or abuse. To know that someone stole a dog - you know they aren't doing it for any good reasons. It's just sad. It costs $185 for DC residents to adopt a dog from this shelter - and that includes the $15 DC dog license, but it's a lot less than you are going to pay for the upkeep of the pet.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mom's Top 5 Tuesday Giveaways

Today is Tuesday, which means a whole new passel of giveaways! Join in the fun, won't you? And please - if you have a favorite giveaway of your own today, drop the URL in the linky - you never know, I just might feature your favoritey giveaway tomorrow! :-)

5. Being Alison: Dinosaur Train - Dinosaurs in the Snow DVD Giveaway
4. Custom Blog Designs: $65 Gift Certificate to Custom Blog Designs - last day to enter, so hurry!
3. The Mommy-Files: BSW Toy Review and Giveaway
2. SITS - The Secret to Success is Sauce: Hand-Stamped Jewelry Giveaway
1. Jolly Mom: The Youngs Scientist Club Giveaway

There are some awesome giveaways out there today! What are your favorite giveaways today?

Revisit - Mom's Top 5 Disadvantages of Cosleeping

I wrote this post last August for my blog Just Joanna. I think the same information still applies :-)

My son is 2 now, and we are still cosleeping. He has his own bed in our room, but he rarely uses it. With this experience, I'm confident that I can bring you an accurate look at the disadvantages of cosleeping. Please note - we practice safe cosleeping.

5. Being woken up with a heel to the gut. Children are small, but their limbs can be quite mobile.

4. Bed time habits can be a little difficult, especially if the parents are not 100% aligned in their own bedtime habits.

3. Weaning is harder when cosleeping. It's one of those things you learn to do without really waking up... and the problem is you have to wake up to NOT do it.

2. Your spouse is either a million miles away, or you are all squished together like a weird uncomfortable sandwich.

1. Were you aiming to give this child a sibling? You know how babies are made, right? Yeah, that's not happening when you're cosleeping...

While you're at it, check out my other posts on cosleeping:

Monday, November 29, 2010

Mom's Top 5 At Home Money Makers

These are my top 5 picks for at-home money makers:

5. InboxDollars
4. SendEarnings
3. Swagbucks
2. Mechanical Turk
1. TextBroker 

I love them so much that none of the above links are affiliate links - I really like them, and am not just showing them to you to make money off your clicks. :-)

Mom's Top 5 Blogging Sites

These are my top 5 sites to work with as I blog:

5. Google Analytics
4. Google Feedburner
3. Statcounter
2. Wordpress
1. Blogger

What are your favorites?

Mom's Top 5 Giveaway Linkies

Here are my top 5 favorite places to find giveaways:

5. Moms By Heart
4. 2 Wired 2 Tired
3. Contest Corner
2. Online Sweepstakes
1. MomDot

Make sure you list your giveaways on these sites so they can be seen by the coolest of moms. :-)